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Guy Ritchie to Direct Disney's Aladdin

For anyone who grew up on Disney films...which is most of us, then you would surely remember the classic that is Aladdin, the animated feature film that took us on a journey to far away Agrabah and made sure we got 'A Whole New World' stuck in our heads on repeat for the many years that followed. In their latest Animated turned Live Action installment, Disney is set to reinvent the Aladdin feature with Guy Ritchie stepping up to direct. The Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director is known for his gritty, offbeat film style along with edgy performances from his actors...a far deviation from the bright-eyed, cheery Disney formats we are used to.

This is going to be nothing if not unique and cool, and it's a great opportunity for two lucky actors to take out the leading roles of Aladdin and Jasmine which has been currently casting worldwide!

The biggest question remains, can anyone fill the shoes of Genie, quite like Robin Williams?

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