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Producing & Development

Confidential New Series, set to produce in Canada in 2021,


Sci-Fi, Thriller Action Series. 


10 Episodes

Australian Created Content for SVOD. 

"Monsters of Man"
Feature Film


A robotics company vying to win a lucrative military contract team up with a corrupt CIA agent to conduct an illegal live field test.

They deploy four weapon-ised prototype robots into a suspected drug manufacturing camp in the Golden Triangle, assuming they'd be killing drug runners that no one would miss. 


Six doctors on a humanitarian mission witness the brutal slaughter and become prime targets.

Director: Mark Toia

"In Like Flynn"
Feature Film

Australian Casting

'In Like Flynn' is the epic story of Errol Flynn, before he became the swashbuckling heartthrob in Hollywood's Golden Age of Cinema. Starring Thomas Cocquerel (Table 19), Clive Standen (Vikings), William Moselely (The Royals and Chronicles of Narnia), David Wenham (Australia, Lion) and a host of other amazing talent, this film is something we were proud to work on sourcing talent for with Ben Parkinson Casting in Australia. 


Director: Russell Mulcahy

Ford Hybrid

Commercial & Live Event

Scouring Southern California, we did extensive outreach through

in-person, social media, public forums and even feet-on-the-street casting to gather current hybrid drivers interested in the latest range of 2017 Ford Hybrid Vehicles along with talent casting for on-camera hosts. The end result was a fantastic Live Event/Commercial in Sunny Pomona, CA


Executive Producer: Andre Bond

Prod. Co: 1080 Inc

swimming for gold 3.JPG
"Swimming For Gold"
Feature Film

USA & Australian Casting

Peyton List stars as Claire Carpenter’s, when her dad sends her to Australia to coach an elite boys swim team, Claire finds herself face to face with long-time rival Mikayla Michaels, and the news that the camp will close if the team loses the next meet. To save the camp, Claire must overcome a secret fear, put aside her differences with Mikayla and rediscover her passion.

Swimming for Gold was filmed entirely in Queensland.


Casting: Ben Parkinson/Emma Green


Produced by: Steve Jaggi Company

In Association with MarVista and Screen Queensland


Feature Film

U.S. Casting

In association with Arclight Films, Jungle is a feature film starring Daniel Radcliffe. Based on the epic True Story of Yossi Ghinsberg and his survival against all odds in the dangerous Jungle of Bolivia. Emma Green Casting sourced talent for several roles to be filmed internationally including agency negotiations for Celebrity Talent.  



Head Casting: Ben Parkinson

Prod. Co :        Arclight Films

Director:         Greg McLean

                        (Wolf Creek)

"Blackwater: Abyss"
Feature Film


Deep in the forests of Australia, some friends are exploring a remote cave system when a tropical storm hits. As rising flood waters trap them deep below the surface, something even deadlier emerges from the darkness -- killer crocodiles.. 


Director: Andrew Traucki

Produced By: Neal Kingston, Michael Robertson, Pam Collis


Big M


Big M Milk Products have been a long standing icon in Australian food culture and it's fitting that an Ice-Cold Beverage be associated with a hot Aussie summer. Using our unique inroads and connections to International Talent based in the US, we were able to source principal, , stunt, featured and background from across the country to film in Texas.


AJF Partnership (Aust)

Prod. Co: Guilty Content (Aust)

Director: Christopher Tovo 


'Video Doorbell'  

U.S.Casting/Australian Talent

Ring Brand Security Systems are a leading industry manufacturer of home and business security lighting and products to use with web and smartphone interface apps. 


For this commercial, it was imperative to find Australian talent based here in the US to splice into Ring's commercials as part of their Australian Market Launch. 


Part of our unique casting resource pool here at EGC is our extensive network and connections with the  Aussie expat community in LA, which opened the talent pool for not only talented actors but real families now living in the US. 


Production Company:

Riotmaker TV 



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